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 The International Dove and Pigeon Species Law Resources Library Project

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PostSubject: The International Dove and Pigeon Species Law Resources Library Project   Fri Sep 16, 2011 4:08 am



We are currently conducting long-term research for The Dove and Pigeon Social Network. As a result, our on-going and continuing research efforts have turned into what we've termed "The International Dove and Pigeon Species Law Resources Library Project", a centralized location right on the DOVEBOOK website at the link above, that aims to house all dove- and pigeon-related law and legislation from around the world.

As part of this current endeavor, we are looking for sources, both on the world wide web and in print, about laws which prohibit the purchase, selling, trading, adoption, requests for, or otherwise general acquisition of certain dove and certain pigeon species. Preferred are any sources that point to the actual text of the legislation as well as those that name, by species, the types of doves and pigeons prohibited from being kept; and/or any English translations of legislations for dove and pigeon bird species outside of the United States, or in your part of the world. So far we've managed to collect a few good sites, and have been conducting research at the local library; the results of which are included in the Library Project linked above.

We all know that depending on the part of the world one is from, and most importantly the part of the world the bird is from and where it is going to be bought, sold, traded, adopted, or acquired, the law is different and therefore can either classify that bird as legal or illegal to keep.

This Library Project is an opportunity to clear up these questions and provide the dove and pigeon enthusiast with information on their favored species or breed of bird. Mind everyone, not every law resource relating to Columbidae will be included in this Library Project as they are primarily web-based; but we do plan to include a list within this Library Project of non-web or print resources that the enthusiast can consult when conducting research for themselves.

If you can contribute to our efforts and provide such information, I invite you to respond in this topic thread or comment on any of the existing blog entries making up our blog category at the link above.

We stress that we also need the input of those dove and pigeon folks in places not located within the United States, as there are countries which regulate the captive keeping of certain Columbidae species. If you are able to help out and point us to sources on laws specific to dove and pigeon birds in your part of the world, we'd appreciate it. To us, it's very important that we receive the input of both individuals and organizations from around the world with direct access to these types of primary sources.

This Library Project also aims to house ALL OTHER dove- and pigeon-related law and legislation from around the world; whether it is in web-based form, or print-based form and listed in our non-web/in-print resource list. Therefore, we also welcome and encourage you to respond or comment if you can provide information on, or point us directly to, these sources in your part of the world; which do not have to be only about what we are currently researching.

Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Lead Curator and Head Researcher
The International Dove and Pigeon Species Law Resources Library Project
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The International Dove and Pigeon Species Law Resources Library Project
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