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 I am a new Mommy-I have a male peigon - and found him ( Buttercup)

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lucky girl

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PostSubject: I am a new Mommy-I have a male peigon - and found him ( Buttercup)   Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:49 pm

Love him- Buttercup started his life with me- found him on a wet and rainy night. I could see he was hurt very badly with no tail feathers,
a broken foot, blood on his back, so I scoped him up and took him into my apt. and put him into a warm towel, and checked out the web on how to care for him. I made him a caste from a straw and gave him water and bird seed, but I was not sure if he would make it through the
night. Yes! he did. cheers But at first I thought Buttercup was a girl. Well, he has grown into quite a pretty baby, and is walking nicely.
Can't fly yet but gives his wings a good flapping to get some gusto, but he seems to getting his strength up. He has grown fond of his perch in the bathroom and I do not keep him in a cage. I have opened the window, but he will not fly out, so I guess he will be staying for as long as he wants. If he can fly and will go then he can stay. Anyway, Cleo my cat has taken to him like a family member, but for safety I close the bathroom door so that nothing happens. However, yes the novel of my story.... continues... hehehehe..... Ironically, everyone gets along.
so I want to get Buttercup a buddy from China Town where.... cover your eyes... sell live pigeons for food. I am a vegetarian just for the sake of trivia... Can I get him a male friend?
I am not into matting them... My family with Cleo, Buttercup is large and we don't babies....
hehehe I am really wondering if so one can clue me in the body language of pigeons ... thanks
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PostSubject: Re: I am a new Mommy-I have a male peigon - and found him ( Buttercup)   Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:01 pm

Hi lucky girl, welcome to Pigeon Angels! Welcome

Buttercup was very lucky to have been found and adopted by you! It was great to hear about his progress and how he's become a member of the family!
How old is he now, does he eat and drink all by himself? It would be great to see a photo.

As for getting him a companion, are you sure he's a boy? For a couple of years I thought I had a male pigeon, until *he* laid an egg!!!
The thing is, a couple or two hens can live together in harmony, but two males will fight all the time. If he's got lots of attention and the freedom of the house, he may just be happy to have a human family. Consider also that if you get him a companion there will be twice as much poop to pick up, and Buttercup is likely to lose some of the freedom he's been enjoying, because with a new adult pigeon in the house you won't be able to leave the window open or the new one will fly away.
Pigeons will only consider your home as theirs if they were raised there, or formed a special bond with you, or became the mate of a house pigeon.

I would urge you not to buy a pigeon from China Town... Even if on the surface of it you'd be saving one from ending up on the menu, you'd also be encouraging the trade by buying one from them. There are lots of beautiful, tame pigeons waiting to be adopted in some organisations near you, and if you want to get Buttercup a companion, that would be the best choice. Plus you might be able to take him with you, observe how he reacts to other pigeons and they to him, and that might give a clearer picture of what sex he is.
You could approach Mickacoo: http://www.mickacoo.org/ or WildCare in the SF/Bay Area, and I'm sure they'd be able to help and advise you.

Good luck, and keep us posted! Smile
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I am a new Mommy-I have a male peigon - and found him ( Buttercup)
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