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PostSubject: GEM Supplements   GEM Supplements Icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2012 9:58 am

Is an amazing thing! I was so excited with the results I wanted to post here about it.
Here is a bit of background, I have a male bird that has had diarrhea now for a few months and I've taken him to the vet and I was told no problems have been found. The vet did all kinds of test, blood, swab, fecal. Only thing he did mention was that his liver enzymes were a bit low. I got him some B-CHOL which did seem to improve that problem and it actually did help to firm up his droppings a bit but still not the right color or consistancy. I started over a few months ordering different products from Siegel's and Jedds trying them out to see if it would help with the condition I was facing.

I bought the following products that didnt help:

Pro-Vital All Bird Econo (Actually gave the rest of my birds diarrhea)
Pro-Vital Pigeon Boost
Health Gard (Looks like water in a bottle??)
LIVIFERM (I think this is more of a vitamin then anything)
ACV w/Mother

In a desperate attempt to find anything that would work I ordered GEM Strike II, within two days ALL my birds had great looking fecal (sounds weird I know) :)
I couldn't believe after all the products I tried I found something that works. I think I will try the rest of their line out as well since this worked so well! I have to say if you have stool problems skip the drugs and try Strike II FIRST!! I would have happily paid double the price this stuff is amazing! I wanted to share this with you guys so someone out there wouldn't waste their money in solving a problem. The Vet isn't cheap, it cost around $300! I did get some answers and he was helpful but now I know what to reach for when trouble "Strikes" ..

I would also like to note that he is now more active and flying again, instead of just sitting on his perch!

Here is my new water routine

Monday - Thursday: Pro-vital pigeon boost (This will be swaped out for a GEM product)
Friday: Clear Water
Saturday: B-CHOL
Sunday: Strike II

Thanks!GEM Supplements Strike-ii-100g-21-p
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PostSubject: Re: GEM Supplements   GEM Supplements Icon_minitimeSat Jun 30, 2012 5:42 pm

Brilliant find, Mike! Way To Go

Some of my rescues, especially the ones who recovered from viral disease, always have reduced liver function, which translates as soft poops. I have tried all sorts without a good enough result, but now, thanks to you, this could well be the answer!

Thank you SO MUCH!!!! Thank You circling
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GEM Supplements
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