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 urgent help needed for pigeon

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PostSubject: urgent help needed for pigeon   urgent help needed for pigeon Icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2012 3:34 pm

Found a young pigeon today laying on the ground unable to move properly seems like brain damage spoke to someone who saw what happened and apparently it had flown into a shop window with some force. I habe managed ti get it to take a little water and it can't stand just lays on its side have had it for about 6 hours and no improvement just keeps sitting with its eyes closed alot but has normal head movement and can flap it's wings it can move its legs but just doesn't seem to be able to co ordinate properly it's got good weight but has only pooed once since I've had it so.weather it can co ordinate properly to do that either I don't know if u touch its legs it will move them but apart from that his legs just stick out straight it can't even sit. Am thinking im going to have to take it to be put down tonight but is there any chance it could just have swelling on the brain and could recover or is it to badly damaged. Is it best to have it put down. It is bad at the mo it doesn't have any quality of life it can feed or drink by itself it cant move and is just sleeping all the time.
Thanks x
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PostSubject: Re: urgent help needed for pigeon   urgent help needed for pigeon Icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 3:30 pm

Messaged you on Facebook. Universal hug
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urgent help needed for pigeon
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