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 Pigeons make lousy parents?

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Pigeons make lousy parents? Empty
PostSubject: Pigeons make lousy parents?   Pigeons make lousy parents? Icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2011 10:16 pm

Hello and sorry this is not a question Happy

I've been watching/feeding two ferals since January, just because it was like 30 below and frozen, for reference Papa is bigger than Mama but their identical otherwise if they're not together a white spot between Pa's feathers is the only way I can tell them apart.

They had one young survive out of their first two, I've named her Freeda from Freedie after noticeing a stray black guy tryed to put a move on her but i'm pretty sure she's not pregnant. I'm not sure but they have to be at least, what a year, before being old enough :|

Ma and Pa brought Freeda here right out of the nest, now what? they 'all' look the same, super unusual. Freeda is a bit smaller than Ma with a spot of white, like Pa. After bringing Freeda here their parenting responsibilities ended. They would never come as a family again. Soon Ma was prego again, was it a little over two mo's another two new babies show up. This is super odd because these two are completly different than the parents.

They were super cute as soon as they could fly Ma brought them here. Now I say hold on here, I've been feeding the three but now I'm thinkin the little ones better fend for themselves for awhile, they showed up on my sill the next day and I shewed them politely away. They would come by for awhile until their younger sister shewed them away. After that those two were on their own too, just like Freeda, (were alot alike in our upbringing), Before I get too far, Papa totally disappeared when the two albinos were born. It was a good couple of mo's he was on the lam, So long that I thought Mama had a new boyfriend,( the Blackie that was trying to get a quickie with Freeda) show up with her one day.

I put a box out to see if I could get Freeda to stay, and who shows up but Pa. So much for that idea, he moved right in. I still wonder where he went, I think he took one look at the kids and said looks like someone else beat me to her, I'm outta here.

Since the box went up, Ma has taking a liking for Pa again, she has now moved from where ever the babies were born to here with Pa, they now own the balcony and chase they're very own blood away from the food! The two yougest ones keep trying, poor babies, maybe we can figure out something for them. They are staying together though, Ma and Pa are in the sack, and Freeda is alone, in some dump.

Now what kind of a parents are they?

I never see them flying together, I thought that's what flocks were.

Freeda has come from feeding on the sill to coming right in, with Pa or Ma right on her ass. None of the others will come in, yet.

If they kept Freeda from getting her supper, then the box would go, I've taken to Freeda because were both loners. Well for now, she'll find a mate still, I haven't given up yet.

I'll post some pics when someone tells me the 'right' way. Great job

There's part of it, it's quite the thing, you can barely tell them apart before they leave the nest. Well maybe old Mama and Papa says that's enough, were done, out you go!
Gotta make way for more, kinda thing.

Cheers ...more to follow, next taming Freeda.
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Pigeons make lousy parents? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pigeons make lousy parents?   Pigeons make lousy parents? Icon_minitimeThu Jul 28, 2011 6:58 pm

Very funny account! Laughing

It's really surprising the way some animals behave in relation to what we expect, especially... wait for this... when they act surprisingly human! That's too funny

The thing is that most pigeons are very good parents, but occasionally you come across some that abandon the eggs and don't seem to care. This happens sometimes with very young, inexperienced parents. (Just like humans...)
But one thing is for sure, they may abandon their eggs but never their babies, except when there's something very wrong with them, and the parents know that they're going to die. The reason why Ma and Pa ignore their young is because at the tender age of 3 1/2 to 4 weeks, young pigeons reach the age of emancipation (like kids reaching 18) and the parents send them off to fend for themselves, because by then they will have a new batch of 2 eggs ready to hatch and requiring their full attention.

As for the colours of the youngsters, it's not impossible that they may have a different father, but it's very unlikely. You'd be surprised the spectacular colour variations you can get from the same parents sometimes. If anything, they could have a different mother. Pigeons mate for life, though sometimes the male will go and court other females while the hen is in the nest. (Doesn't that remind you of humans again?...)
Almost as soon as new chicks hatch, the male and the female mate again and start preparing a new nest elsewhere. And if new chicks hatch before the previous ones are old enough to be independent, then the mother stays with the eggs, and the father looks after the youngsters -- each parent in a different nest. I think this is what was happening to Ma and Pa, and Ma came back when the new chicks were grown up enough.

If there is a nesting site available, the nearest dominant male pigeon will claim it. It's usually the male that builds the nest and then calls the female to the nest, eager to see her reaction to the nice new home he got for her. (Still human!) That's what Pa did.
I know you wanted Freeda to have it, but that would only happen if she chose YOU for a mate, then she would move into the nest you prepared for her. When she chooses a partner, she will move into his nest, and if that nest is not in your building, then you'll see her a lot less often.

Oh, and by the way, she can get pregnant at just a few months old, but only if she's in love! Casual matings often lead nowhere.

Have fun watching your feathered friends! Tickled Pink
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Pigeons make lousy parents?
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