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 Activists protest against pigeon shoots in Valencia

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Activists protest against pigeon shoots in Valencia Empty
PostSubject: Activists protest against pigeon shoots in Valencia   Activists protest against pigeon shoots in Valencia Icon_minitimeSun Feb 26, 2012 2:36 pm


VALENCIA, 26 (EUROPA PRESS) -- Translation:

Activists from FundaciĆ³n Equanimal, Igualdad Animal and Fauna Libre carried out this Sunday two protests against the pigeon shoot championship that took place in Ribarroja.

According to information from organisation members, the first protest took place in the championship shooting grounds, where the protesters offered the hunters clay 'pigeons', and asked them to opt for those, instead of causing the suffering and killing of thousands of animals.

Afterwards, about 50 activists in Pinazo de Valencia Square, showed three dead pigeons, obtained from the championship, to promote awareness of the thousands of pigeons that, at the same time, were losing their lives, and to demand the end of this type of sport and of any other kind that doesn't respect the animals.

Pigeon shooting consists in shooting and killing the greatest possible number of pigeons. The activists claim that "the animals suffer terribly during the whole process, from the moment when they are transported crammed in small cages, to being grabbed and tossed violently, and finally the shooting itself".

"In other European countries pigeons are no longer killed this way, and clay 'pigeons' are used in their place", said the same sources, pointing out that they will continue to work for "the advancement towards a society where killings like those taking place in this championship will become a thing of the past."

I hope the public will listen to them, and wish them success with their endeavours.
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Activists protest against pigeon shoots in Valencia
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