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 "Homie Bird"'s Dad "Peter Pan" (Audio Wave)

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"Homie Bird"'s Dad "Peter Pan" (Audio Wave) Empty
PostSubject: "Homie Bird"'s Dad "Peter Pan" (Audio Wave)   "Homie Bird"'s Dad "Peter Pan" (Audio Wave) Icon_minitimeSat Feb 11, 2012 5:11 pm

Hey as you may know I like to express my talents, I really like video productions, music production, and even graphic design. Right now I would like to share a sound wave file. That i used for one of my songs, It is "Peter Pan" the Pigeon's voice. I would like to get "Homie Bird" into vocal recording as well. I have a better mic now but this clip is from when I had a cheaper studio mic, The quality is ok. Cant wait to get a coo from "Peter Pan"'s son "Homie Bird"

I posted this on Behaviour Thread because this is one of the studies i do personally on Pigeon Behavior threw recording while they are in natural state.

For more infomation on what i do with the sound wave just ask. But what i would do either slice up the wave up into smaller single loops and create a melody, for piano coo its really easy, Clone your instrument (Recording of a bird/pigeon) with one of the clone increase the pitch, or what you do is place the sound into a piano roll and you can adjust the tune of the sound

I can make bass like instruments with sound recordings of Pigeons or i can make piano high pitch like sounds, Its all up to how i mix the sounds together and/or how i sample them.

Music is one of my passions as well as Birds, I love all Animals, But it is the Bird that i spent most of my Animal bounding time with ....u catch my drift. And birds have there ways of expressing music i would like to study. Ive noticed patterns in the pigeon coo, Like the snare has a pattern, its just one hit every 2 bars, well a pigeon coo has a snare like feature. A certain bassy low tune effect is made preciously . I even linked this exact location and set the tempo to the entire playlist, and I found other sources of patterns, Its amazing really what just a sound can produce.

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"Homie Bird"'s Dad "Peter Pan" (Audio Wave)
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