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 Pigeons in the classroom

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PostSubject: Pigeons in the classroom   Pigeons in the classroom Icon_minitimeFri Nov 06, 2009 9:31 pm

Ok, I confess... my students are learning about pigeons and cats alongside their academic syllabus! And so are their parents, lol!
The feedback has been very positive. Most kids are kind by nature, and their interest in our fellow creatures increases when they hear about an animal's misfortune, its fight for survival, and the random acts of cruelty and kindness that it can come across. They see them grow, progress, get better. They learn how to handle them and how to tell when they're sick. (Only this afternoon, two teenagers became budding experts on PMV!)
They also know the extent of the lies told by the pest control companies. They were told not to pick up a pigeon with symptoms of ornithosis and to call me instead, but they know they can pick up any others, if they are sick or injured.
Over the last year, I got two phone calls from students with the location of sick pigeons, and another student brought me a badly injured finch. Sadly, none of them survived the day, but the positive action of the youngsters deserved praise. And one of these days they will be instrumental in a successful rescue.
Or perhaps they already have: A 15-year-old spotted a bird flying hard at the window of a classroom, trying to get out. After the second attempt it stayed on the floor, exhausted. She said that reminded her of me and my birds, and even before the class finished she opened the window, scooped up the bird and put him on the windowsill. The next time she looked he'd flown away. Great job

Right, picture time!
This is my nephew with Piper:

Pigeons in the classroom DSCN6342-crop-r

And this one, of one of my students checking in on Hercules, was taken today.

Pigeons in the classroom DSCNB3441-r550-L
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PostSubject: Re: Pigeons in the classroom   Pigeons in the classroom Icon_minitimeSat Nov 07, 2009 12:15 am

Your confession makes me very happy, Teresa. The children will remeber the wonderful things you teach them about the Pigeons and when they need it most, they will draw on it.
You are a true hero to me.
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Pigeons in the classroom
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