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 the story continues...

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PostSubject: Re: the story continues...   the story continues... - Page 4 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 2:31 pm

Teresa wrote:
If she's free flying and comes to your balcony when she wants, there's a chance she may have made a nest somewhere else, and may have laid eggs. But if she is an indoor pigeon, and you can be sure she hasn't laid eggs, there could be a problem.
they are free-flying but it does feel like live here, their night roost is a pipe just up the wall from our balcony and they spend quite a fair amount of time on the nest behind our bikes, even thought Apollo wants to return to his original choice by our door
and they day roost on the door or window ledge a lot of the time...she's been here about 18mths now...i'll just have to watch her/her poops

Teresa wrote:
One of our members said yesterday that many vets do not treat feral pigeons FOR FREE. As soon as someone turns up with a pigeon, feral or not, and are prepared to pay the bill, they treat the bird as a pet and give it the same care.
ahh!! interesting...well of course i would expect to pay! and i ringed her ages ago, so she does look like a pet
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the story continues...
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